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Staff     December 29, 2016     0 Comments

I’ve added 3 Bigger (UHQ) Outtakes of Jamie for Times Magazine. Check the Pictures in the Gallery. Enjoy!

Staff     November 06, 2016     0 Comments

Jamie attended a Press Conference for The Fall last week in Los Angeles. Check the 61 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery.

Staff     April 27, 2016     0 Comments

photo article

I bought Several New Unseen Pictures of Dakota and Jamie on Set on March, 01 and you can watch the HD Video below. You can find 303 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery.

Credit Pictures: John!

Staff     April 03, 2016     0 Comments

photo article

I added 220 New Exclusives High Quality Pictures from the Set – the kissing scene from March, 24. You can find them in the Gallery and watch the Video Below!

Credit Pictures: John

Staff     March 15, 2016     0 Comments

photo article

Dakota was spotted filming Fifty Shades Darker yesterday. You can find 57 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery.

Credit Pictures: Rick and FameFlynet

Staff     August 25, 2015     0 Comments

I added New Outtakes of Jamie for Shortlist! You can check 26 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery.

Staff     August 25, 2015     0 Comments

I added New Pictures of Dakota from Fifty Shades Promoshoots. You can check 2 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery.

Staff     July 11, 2015     0 Comments

Jamie and Amelia were spotted in West London on June, 30. You can check 30 Exclusives High Quality Pictures in the Gallery.

Staff     July 05, 2015     1 Comment

I added New Exclusives UHQ Outtakes of Jamie for Variety. You can find 7 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery.

Staff     March 19, 2015     3 Comments

Just before the Fifty Shades Promo Tour, Mark Beaman answered my questions about Fifty Shades Wine Line. I want to thank him for the Interview and you can read it below!

1 – How were you approached about the wine line?
Our winery project Wines that Rock had already been making wine for the rock and roll bands The Police, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones and we felt the Fifty Shades book series would be a great fit for us. So in September of 2012 we actually reached out to Erika about making a wine for her. She seemed thrilled by the idea. Once the particulars on the business relation were worked out I started the work on the blends with her.

2 – Did you work closely with Erika for the wine? Was she involved in the wine line as much as she was on the set of the movie?

We worked quite closely. If she is involved to the extent she was in the movie, I am not sure. I can say she has an immense passion to insure that these wines meet her criteria and her stamina for the blending process was admirable. It may sound like an easy thing to sit and taste blend after blend of wine, but to do it with an objective and analytical perspective is something that few people can do well. She is a woman who knows what she likes and she provided commentary and direction where she felt the wine needed to go. I met her once in Hollywood and she came recently to the winery to work on the wines with plenty of communication in-between. I can honestly say she is one of my favorite people to work on blends with. She is so much fun and shares great stories as well!

3 – Did you read the books to work on the wine or not at all ?
Once I knew I was to make wine with Erika, I borrowed the books from my amazing wife and read all three. I took notes on the themes, the parts where wine made an appearance and also personalities of the characters. These notes served as references for where to steer the wines in the blending process. The wines need to reflect the books.

4 – What kind of taste were you looking for the wine ?
Erika actually set the rule from the beginning that there was to be no Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. She was adamant that these varieties were too “vanilla” or pedestrian for Fifty Shades. With my notes on the books and some of her direction we established a respectful nod to the Alsace and Sancerre were best for the bright and floral White Silk and a savory and masculine Syrah and Petite Sirah (Durif) base wine for Red Silk.

5 – Were you surprised by the success of the wine ?
Yes and no. Considering the book sold over 100 million copies and has such a devoted fan base, we knew this could be huge. At the same time the speed of wines sales has been surprising and a sometimes challenging effort. We are a family winery and not a huge corporate winery so when the movie promotions started to increase, we really had to all come together as a team to meet demand. It has been phenomenal.

6 – Do you plan to do more new wine line ?
That is up to Erika and to some extent up to the fans and consumers. I think Erika is very in tune with her fans and there is an incredible attachment there. If enough people ask for it we would do our best to honor if she wanted to add to the lineup.

7 – Reading the books, Champagne was present a lot as well. Do you plan to do some Champagne as well ?
We would of course call it a “sparkling wine” in respect to our friend’s region in France. A sparkling wine would have to be something much further in time since the process is not short and the intent must be set early with establishing the cuvee and handling throughout. I love the idea though, since there is never a bad time to have a glass of bubbles and Christian and Ana frequently enjoyed it.

Staff     March 16, 2015     1 Comment

You have now the Full Set of Jamie and Dakota Shoot for USA Today. You can find 33 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery.

[033x] Fifty Shades Of Grey > Photoshoots > USA Today

Staff     March 02, 2015     1 Comment

I added a New Exclusive Outtake of Jamie from Vogue Photoshoot. You can find One High Quality Outtake in the Gallery.

[001x] Jamie Dornan > Photoshoots > 2014 > Vogue