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Staff   /   November 01, 2022   /   0 Comments

Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan has been teasing fans with a photo of him in a retro hipster “tache”. The actor doesn’t say why he has grown the unusual handlebar moustache so fans have been left guessing.

His latest post shows he has shaved off the trademark close cut beard that he has been sporting all summer. Sitting with the family’s black dog Lenny he also has an uncharacteristic curly hairstyle and retro sunglasses.

Although known for looking a dish on the red carpet, 33-year-old, Cotswolds based actor has never been afraid to sport a new look on social media. He has even posted pictures of himself looking ridiculous while dressing up with his three young daughters in the past.

Weeks ago he was pictured clean faced in the trailer for the Netflix drama Heart of Stone which will be out next year.

But had clearly grown back the facial hair by the time he holidayed in Switzerland with wife, the film composer Amelia Warner. He was pictured on a mountain with a definite fuzz.

But even though off duty he clearly prefers the unshaven look, the new handlebar moustache took Fifty Shades fans by surprise. Die hard fans of smoothie Mr Grey were shocked by the latest change of image but 256,000 fans liked the new look so most seem to approve.

The only caption is Boys which seems to refer to him and the family dog, known as Lenny, and his casual outfit gives no clues to the reason either.

The 33-year-old Irish actor comes from a family of medics so he could have grown it to join the annual Movember event which raises awareness of male health issues by persuading men to grow a moustache every November.

But it could be a film role as well. Jamie is due to star in the Hercule Poirot film A Haunting in Venice, which was inspired by Christie’s 1969 novel, Hallowe’en Party. Early reports say director Sir Kenneth Branagh will reprise his role as the Belgian detective, created by Agatha Christie, after previously playing Poirot in 2017’s Murder On The Orient Express and 2022’s Death On The Nile.

Jamie’s role hasn’t been announced but it seems Poirot might have some competition in the famous moustache department when filming starts..

One fan had another theory. “The Jadotville stache is back, and we’re here for it” , they wrote referencing the 2016 film The Siege of Jadotville that he appeared in.

Jamie once revealed that he hates shaving. “I hate my face without a beard,” he told The Jonathan Ross Show in 2016 . “I swear to God I really hate it. I always think I look really young. I think when I’m clean shaven, I look like a thumb. My own ‘Jamie resting face’ is what I have an issue with.”


Staff   /   December 30, 2015   /   0 Comments

Dakota is featured in the New Elle Japan Issue. Read below the translation, thanks to JamieDornanJPN on Twitter. You can find 7 High Quality Scans in the Gallery.

Dakota Johnson arrived in Tokyo for attending Michael Kors Ginza shop opening event. Dakota’s recent activity is remarkable and is in great demand by TV talk show,etc in the US. She performed Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey brilliantly and that was a breakthrough. She is now playing James Bulger (played by Johnny Depp)’s partner and their son’s mum Lindsey in “Black Scandal (Black Mass) which will be released in winter.

Dakota: ‘When I got an offer (Black Mass), the director asked me to play Lindsey just like me. Lindsey is a very sensitive lady but I wanted to show something different’.
‘Working with Johnny Depp is one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had-We got on really well from the start so that I could concentrate on acting. Johnny is so talented and a loving person. I was inspired by him so much.
(Have you ever made an any effort for acting?)
Dakota: Not really. If I understand what the director demands for the movie, then I can play the role heartily.

Dakota loves a vintage fashion . ‘I love black denim and boots. In winter, a good quality winter jacket and a check scarf are indispensable!
About her trip to Japan –She came to Tokyo for Michael Kors Ginza shop opening event. However, Dakota decided to stay in Japan a day longer and she is really looking forward to do sightseeing.
‘I want to go shopping as soon as I can!! I want to visit a Vintage shop, and I want to buy Pink/Blue wigs! It’s so much fun!’

Dakota Johnson is a lovely lady who has a huge ambition. She says ‘I want to perform a lot of different characters in the future!’
Dakota has an infinite possibility and the bright future is waiting for her.

Staff   /   September 13, 2015   /   1 Comment

Dakota is featured in the Italian Magazine “CIAK“. You can find 3 High Quality Scans in the Gallery.

Staff   /   August 16, 2015   /   0 Comments

See below Jamie in Czech Press for “Anthropoid”!

Staff   /   March 04, 2015   /   1 Comment

I added Several Scans of Fifty Shades in American Cinematographer with New BTS Pictures of Jamie and Dakota during the filming. You can find 13 High Quality Scans in the Gallery.

[013x] Fifty Shades Of Grey > Press / Magazine > Amerian Cinematographer

Staff   /   February 17, 2015   /   0 Comments

The W Magazine is now available on the Ipad. You can find 3 High Quality Scans in the Gallery. Enjoy!

[003x] Fifty Shades Of Grey > Press / Magazine > W Magazine

Staff   /   January 06, 2015   /   1 Comment

Jamie will be on the cover of the February issue of Details magazine. It’s the team of Jamie who shared the news on the official Jamie Dornan facebook page with the cover as you can see below :

Staff   /   December 28, 2014   /   0 Comments

Jamie and Dakota are featured in the New French Magazine “One”. I made the UHQ Scans and you can read below the Interview of Jamie. (Translated by me, please credit us if you use!) You can check the 5 High Quality Scans in the Gallery. Enjoy!

[005x] Fifty Shades Of Grey > Press / Magazine > One – France (December / January 14/15)

Were you intimidated when the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey was proposed to you?
Not really. I just worked on another difficult role, the one of the serial killer Paul Spector in The Fall. I was prepared a bit to face another deep character. And you know the producter didn’t give a lot of time to think about it. Usually, you receive a proposition and the producer goes « Take your time. Think about it. You must be really comfortable with the role. » This time, I needed to give my answer the same day. I really didn’t have the time to be intimidated.

Did you decide alone to play that character?
Not at all. I talked about it with my wife, Amelia Warner. Plus, she was an actress for 10 years, so she’s aware of what it’s like. A lot of people would have had a sh*t fit at 30-something weeks pregnant, hearing,‘Darling, we’re going to Vancouver this week for four months – we’re going to have a Canadian baby and I’m going to do a film where I, for parts of it, will be naked.’ That’s a tough pitch, but my wife is an incredible person.”

What would you say about Christian Grey?
I’m really happy to have been able to play him. I know he will be seen as very controversial, but I remain convinced that it is absolutely not a misogynist, as some people suggest. The story between Christian and Ana is a kind of a contract, like their sex relationship.

This last year, you played two different characters, Christian Grey and Paul Spector. Did you like it?
I’m not determined to play this kind of characters only. I’m keeping an open mind and I study every role I get offered. As an actor, I want to play the most different characters during my career. But yeah, indeed, I like to play characters who are passionate about what they do. It’s really rewarding to play strong characters.

Did the fact of becoming a father changed the way to see the role you play?
Absolutely ! It was indeed the case for my Paul Spector role. The love he feels for his family is one of the rare manifestations of his humanity. It’s something I understand better now and it gives him another face than the one of a serial killer. He’s incapable to betray his wife and he would give his life for his two kids. And I understand that completely. He succeeded to separate his two lifes : his private life with his family that he loves more than anything and his other life with all the murders.

Do you think that your past as a model helped you in your acting career?
Indeed, it helped me for all my body language. I know how to place myself on a set according where the camera is settled. But acting is a lot more complex, it’s asking you a huge personal investment and a lot of work.

What look do you have on advancement in your career since the beginning of it?
I’m really happy on how it worked out ! I spent several years going to auditions which didn’t work. Today, I’m receiving several projects, more and more interesting. I’m a really happy actor ! I made several choices in my life and they were good ones. I’m aware there is part of it and it’s luck and to be able to show what I’m capable of in every movie I make !

Staff   /   December 12, 2014   /   0 Comments

Jamie and Dakota are featured in the New People Magazine Issue. I made the UHQ Scan from the Magazine and added the Digital HQ Scan as well! Check the 2 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery. Enjoy!

[002x] Fifty Shades Of Grey > Press / Magazine > People (December, 22)

Staff   /   October 03, 2014   /   0 Comments

Jamie is featured in the New Vogue British Issue (November). Jamie talks about The Fall and a little bit about Fifty Shades. You can find 8 High Quality Scans in the Gallery. Enjoy!

[008x] Jamie Dornan > Press / Magazines > Vogue British (November 2014)

Staff   /   October 01, 2014   /   0 Comments

Jamie is featured in the new GQ British Issue (November). You can find 2 High Quality Scans in the Gallery. Enjoy!

[002x] Jamie Dornan > Press / Magazines > GQ British (November 2014)

Staff   /   September 30, 2014   /   0 Comments

Jamie is featured in OK! Magazine New Issue (today)! He’s talking about The Fall and how the role changed his life, allowing him to get the role in Fifty Shades. You can find 2 High Quality Pictures in the Gallery. Enjoy!

[002x] Jamie Dornan > Press / Magazines > OK! Magazine (September, 30 – 2014)