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Staff   /   February 08, 2017   /   3 Comments

We were able to see the movie last week at a Press Showing here below our review. Don’t read if you didn’t see the movie and if you don’t want to know spoilers. It’s not a spoiler free review!

Dakota: She was even better than in FSOG, more beautiful, more perfect, stunning. Her acting was so on point. Her character became so funny, so dominant because it’s how I saw her in the movie. Anastasia is the queen! Her scene was amazing, seeing her with Jack was a pleasure.

Jamie: His acting was so much better in this movie. His body is hotter as well 😉 I loved his scenes and Christian is so ♥ but I wanted more scenes as the CEO and we don’t have lol

Eric: He was fucking fantastic. I loved everything in the character, he’s handsome and so mean at the hand, and I can’t wait to see him again.

Kim Basinger: She was very good in the role. A bitch, but a very good bitch!

THE SEX: There are much more sex scenes in this one. I didn’t count them but a lot. The fans will love them. It’s much more Vanilla but still very good sex scenes lol. Not to mention Jamie’s ass. Yes we see it a lot 😉

HUMOR: There is so much humor this time around. Mostly from Ana. Nut it was hilarious.

ON THE MOVIE: Darker is my favorite book, I loved the movie but yes I have buts…. it felt like 30 minutes for me, maybe it’s cause I read the book over a billion times since 2012. Lot of scenes are missing, alley kiss, billiard scene and much more. I’m waiting to see what they will add in the DVD. I have the feeling they wanted add so many stuff from the book and I felt like the movie was rushed. But it’s maybe me. I could have go with a 4 hours film xD. But it was good, I loved the songs, they fit the movie so well and Jamie and Dakota were fabulous together. As they always do!

I will probably test the french version this week end!

3 Responses to “REVIEW: Fifty Shades Darker”
  1. Julie Says:

    I felt that it was rushed too and it felt like 30 minutes. Like they wanted to get everything in so had to sacrifice all the in between stuff where you could watch them fall in love. Hopefully the cut scenes will be on the DVD. Fingers crossed!

  2. Rebekah Says:

    Thanks for the review.. will the alley kiss, billiard scene, and vanilla ice cream scene be in the unrated/extended blue ray/DVD? I know the billiard and alley kiss scenes were filmed? Please let me know.

  3. Staff Says:

    they will be in the dvd or sure

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